All-NBA Underpaid Team


*Cap rank/hit

What an offseason to be an NBA free agent. The cap spiked $20 million and $1.8 billion was spent on the first day of free agency. Bench players signed contracts north of $60 million and stars signed north of $130 million. Next offseason’s contracts will be even crazier when the cap jumps another $12 million. With all this money spent, there are still star players under team-friendly contracts. None of these players are on their rookie contracts. 

G: Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

(Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images)

Cap hit: $12,112,359

Cap rank: 57

Stephen Curry is the best player on the Golden State Warriors. Of the four stars on the Warriors, Curry gets paid the least. He signed a four-year, $44 million contract in 2013 and will be the highest paid Warrior next offseason. All four seasons Curry dropped at least 22 per game and led the NBA in scoring last season. Curry even broke his own three-point shooting record with 402 three-pointers made. His contract is the reason the Warriors had cap space for Kevin Durant. The NBA has a super team for at least one season. 

G: Isaiah Thomas, Boston Celtics

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Cap hit: $6,587,132

Cap rank: 102

Isaiah Thomas signed a four-year, $27 million contract with the Phoenix Suns in 2014. He was brought in as the Suns future sixth man, but was traded to the Boston Celtics that same season. Thomas became the Celtics no.1 scorer even though he remained on the bench. His role changed from sixth man to starter in 2015-2016 and Thomas scored a career high 22.2 points per game. Thomas is the cheapest star in the NBA. 

F: Jae Crowder, Boston Celtics

(Staff photo by Stuart Cahill)

Cap hit: $6,286,408

Cap rank: 111

Jae Crowder is another insane value for the Celtics. He signed a five-year, $35 million contract last season and started every game he dressed. In his first full season with the Celtics, Crowder averaged career high’s in field goal percentage, points, assists, rebounds, blocks and steals. With an improving offensive game, defense remains his identity. Every season Crowder gets closer to becoming a complete two-way player. The Los Angeles Lakers are paying Timofey Mozgov $10 million more per season the next four years than the Celtics pay Crowder. 

F: Derrick Favors, Utah Jazz

(Jeffrey D. Allred)

Cap hit: $11,050,000

Cap rank: 65

Derrick Favors was the prized young piece in the Deron Williams trade to the New Jersey Nets in 2011. He is turning into that prized player. Favors averaged a career high 16.4 points per game last season. That ranked sixth among NBA power forwards. His points per game total increased every season during his six-year NBA career. The Jazz only get Favors for a discount for one more season as Favors hits unrestricted free agency next season. The Nets still owe Williams $14 million after last seasons buyout. 


C: Nikola Vucevic, Orlando Magic

Jan 31, 2016; Orlando, FL, USA; Boston Celtics center Jared Sullinger (7) guards Orlando Magic center Nikola Vucevic (9) during the first quarter of a basketball game at Amway Center. Mandatory Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports
(Mandatory Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports)

Cap hit: $11,750,000

Cap rank: 63

Nikola Vucevic is one of the NBA’s most underrated stars. He leads a young Orlando Magic team that never reaches it’s potential. Vucevic averaged 18.8 points and 9.9 rebounds per game these last two seasons. His points per game averages those two seasons ranked second and fourth among NBA centers, respectively. Neither season he made the All-Star team. The Magic get Vucevic at a discount for three more seasons. It’ll be a battle for minutes with Serge Ibaka and Bismack Biyombo. 


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