Carmelo Anthony

Would the BIG3 be such a horrendous option for Carmelo Anthony?

There’s no easy way to talk about Carmelo Anthony right now. No, he should not just retire. Yes, he can still hoop. And yes, many of us still want to watch him play.

But as it stands, no NBA team is showing signs of pursuing the 10-time All-Star since his short time with the Houston Rockets came to an end recently.

As potential alternatives emerge for Carmelo to finish out his basketball career as peacefully as possible, I can’t help but wonder if the BIG3 would be such a horrific option.

The fact is that the BIG3, at least for now, isn’t viewed as a glamorous place for a future Hall of Famer to spend his final basketball days. This would only appear as a self-demotion for Anthony himself. But the BIG3 has publicly been on the hunt for a major star, and someone like Carmelo would fit the bill.

For Carmelo, the BIG3 would grant an instant opportunity to put his talents on full, thorough display again. I think that’s something he would ultimately be able to enjoy, not to mention the fans like myself who would look forward to watching him battle with the likes of Stephen Jackson and Corey Maggette.

If it’s that important to Carmelo to feel needed again, the BIG3 stage presents a competitive and somewhat attractive option for his final chapter.

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