What’s up with Jahlil Okafor’s injury?


Jahlil Okafor

The Sixers have had their fair share of problems with big men over the past few seasons. It all started with the foot problem that Joel Embiid encountered, the worry he may have put on too much weight, then another setback where a second surgery that was required.

Now, another year into “the process”, the Sixers have another worry on their hands when it comes to the 2015 3rd overall draft pick, Jahlil Okafor. Okafor was diagnosed with a torn meniscus that requires surgery and will force him to miss the rest of the season.

The strange part of the whole surgery process is how long it is taking the Sixers to get him into the actual surgery. Joel Embiid was supposed to receive surgery a week after the injury, but it took him 38 days to finally receive the surgery.

It is starting to seem like Okafor is going down the same route. He was planning on going down to Florida and recieve the surgery, but has still yet to do so.

Coach Brett Brown assured fans that we won’t be heading down the same road as Embiid, via Jessica Camerato of CSN Philly:

“There’s no sort of conspiracy theories going on,” Brown said. “It’s more just trying to get a collaborative effort. I think any time — and it happened with Joel (Embiid), it’s happened I think even with Nerlens (Noel), I can’t categorically say that — where you get opinions and expertise in a room, maybe the decision on what path isn’t as easy as you wished it was. Although the procedure, we’ve discussed, it’s evidently a 10-minute procedure. So it’s just been put right now in that situation where they will talk about it more.”

“They’re stepping back, they’re trying to figure out the best practice to continue the operation,” Brown said. “They’re discussing it amongst doctors to figure out what the next plan is. No plan has been determined. That is ongoing.”

This could be absolutely nothing. The one thing that I would say in support of Okafor waiting is that this knee injury isn’t very severe. It’s not even close to the foot problem that Embiid has encountered and short-ended many careers.

Overall, lets just say the Sixers have had problems with their draft picks over the past few years. That is the risk with having to go through the lottery. You can be one or two picks away from your targeted player and it could go so much worse for you. The Sixers missed out on Andrew Wiggins in the 2014 draft once Joel Embiid was hurt and fell to the Sixers at #3. In 2015, they missed out on coveted guard D’Angelo Russell and picked Okafor. Now, a clogged rotation in the front court with Jah, Joel, and Nerlens, the Sixers will have someone who will eventually be the odd man out.

People also keep forgetting about the #9 draft pick in 2014, Dario Saric. Saric is set to play for the Sixers in this upcoming 2016-2017 season. Fans have been waiting for the coveted big man who can shoot. Look for him to spread the floor even more next season for the Sixers. He can even run a little bit.

Well, the Sixers don’t have to worry just yet but if these injuries keep happening to our centerpieces, this “process” may take a lot longer than we thought.  


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