Vince Staples: UConn Women could beat the 76ers by 20


If you follow rapper Vince Staples on Twitter then you know he’s not shy about tweeting his basketball opinions. If you don’t , take a look at his latest thought regarding the ever-dominant UConn Women’s Basketball team:

Staples must have seen UConn’s Sweet 16 round game against Mississippi State yesterday. They ended up winning the game by 60.

This was tweeted by the infamous NOTSportsCenter account yesterday, in good fun of course.

I personally give Staples tons of credit as a true basketball fan that appreciates the women’s game. No matter how you feel about women’s basketball, you acknowledge the greatness of UConn. They’re going for their fourth consecutive NCAA championship. The last time they lost a game was in November 2014.

While I applaud Staples, it’s beyond a stretch to give the UConn women an edge over an NBA team, even the 76ers. We see this a lot in the men’s game, where some like to argue that some of the best men’s college teams could give the NBA’s worst a run for their money. The same principles apply in both cases, but specifically for the women, the strength and athleticism disparity would be even more prevalent.

I’ll tell you one thing — Geno Auriemma would probably embrace that kind of challenge for his team.


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