VIDEO: Zach Lavine puts on a show at the Seattle Pro-Am


Zach Lavine is making it known that he is the new human highlight tape of this era. The bounce that this kid has is unreal, and he put on it display for the world when he won the 2015 NBA All-Star Dunk Contest.

Lavine appeared at the Seattle Pro-Am on Sunday, and put on a show for the crowd. He gave them a variety of dunks and made it look easy.

We are all looking forward to a Zach Lavine reappearance in the Dunk Contest next season as he will look to defend his title. But it’s a good assumption to say that, I honestly don’t see him losing. His high flying ability, along with his hangtime allows him to do a lot of crafty things while he’s up there and I’m not sure if there’s anyone else in the league that can match that.

Hit us up on twitter @BBallSociety_ to let us know, who you think can contend with Zach Lavine in a dunk contest.


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