VIDEO: Young Stephen Curry stars in 1990’s Burger King Commercial with father Dell


Two 1990’s Burger King commercials featuring a young Stephen Curry and his father Dell resurfaced last night during the Golden State Warriors’ clash with his dad’s former team the Charlotte Hornets, and they are great. 

In the first spot, Steph proclaims that he’s going to become a great basketball player, something that would actually come to fruition despite the many doubts surrounding his ability to succeed in the Association coming out of Davidson University. In the second clip, the reigning MVP inquires about what it takes to become a great basketball player. 

Looks like Curry figured that out more than anyone thought. Only order of business left is to remix this commercial in 2016 with Steph’s daughter Riley, who rose to superstardom with her adorable antics during last year’s NBA Playoffs. 



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