VIDEO: Society Stories – A Day in the Life of a Sixers Fan


Welcome to the very first episode of Society Stories! Society Stories highlights the stories of the most important parts of the basketball community, the fans. Everyone hears about the news from the big collegiate athletes and the professional ones too, but what about the lesser known athletes, coaches, and the fans that go to all the games? 

The debut episode is about Society member Alex Fischbein and friend of the Society Koye Sogunro, and their lives as avid Sixers fans. There are plenty of fans that haven’t had to endure the type of seasons the Sixers are going through, and this is how they deal with it:

Want to be featured on an episode of Society Stories? Grab some friends, grab a phone or camcorder, and document some kind of basketball event. Then, DM us on twitter @BballSociety_ and we’ll talk about getting you on the next episode!


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