VIDEO: Lamar Odom has been spotted in the gym


Is there a possible comeback in the near future for former Lakers star Lamar Odom?

He’s been spotted back in the gym with Real Deal Fitness Gym on Instagram. They’ve been posting videos of the former 2011 Sixth Man of the Year, getting his work out on and trying to get back in shape.

It’s great to see Lamar Odom back on his feet and in the gym. With all of his recent struggles and his near death experience, it’s a blessing that he’s aiming to get back in shape. Playing in the NBA again might be too far fetched due to the speed and athleticism of the game but I would love to see him play overseas and dominate if he’s really looking to return to the court.

Any Los Angeles Lakers fan knows how beloved Lamar Odom was and still is. He’s sacred to every real Lakers fan, that’s why its such a great sight to see him back on his feet. What he meant to those 2009 and 2010 championship teams is unfathomable. At 6’10, he could do so much and was so crafty with the ball that he really put the POINT in “point forward”. If you forgot how good this guy was, check out this video!


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