VIDEO: Klay Thompson after winning NBA title: ‘Steph Curry is the best player in the world’



Photo Credit: Golden State Warriors
Photo Credit: Golden State Warriors

Much was made of LeBron James’ “I’m the best player in the world,” comment after the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Game 5 loss in the NBA Finals on Sunday night, but the griping from basketball fans should be at a minimum as James’ performance throughout this postseason completely validated that statement.

Newly minted NBA champion Klay Thompson however, doesn’t buy that James is currently the game’s greatest player, and in his Game 6 postgame press conference, he revealed that he favors league MVP and teammate Stephen Curry as the supreme ruler of the basketball world. 

An argument for Curry as the best player in the world can certainly be made, but to me it’s funny how a year ago a declaration such as that would be considered asinine. Curry told us last summer that he was better than LeBron offensively, but many basketball fans scoffed at that notion. His confidence never wavered, and as a result he’s an NBA champion. He may or may not be the best in the world, but his team is number one. 

Curry’s pretty content with that. 



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