VIDEO: Kanye West’s “I Love Kanye” synced to “Roundball Rock” is epic

Photo via: Google Images

Rapper Kanye West dropped his critically acclaimed seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo exclusively to Tidal on February 14, and the record was made available for digital download and on other streaming services on April 1. 

On West’s newest album, he has a song titled “I Love Kanye” a 45 second spiel about how he is perceived by the general public today. 

To spice up Kanye’s ode to himself, Mark Hinog of synced the song to “Roundball Rock,” a classic composition by John Tesh that served as the NBA on NBC’s theme song for it’s entire duration. 

Mark, we salute you man. We hope Kanye gets a glance of that because it’s pure gold. 



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