VIDEO: Facundo Campazzo of Spanish Basketball League makes his opponent look silly


When did the Spanish Basketball League turn into And 1 Mixtape volume 100!?

UCAM Murcia point guard, Facundo Campazzo had his defender moving in circles after he wrapped the ball around his back. The defender hedged him very well off the screen and Campazzo did just about the only thing he could do in that situation. What can’t get lost here is the fact that he had the other defender lost as well. Both players turned looking for the ball when it was already headed in the opposite direction. He finished the play by dumping the ball to his open teammate but unfortunately, he didn’t knock down the shot to add that perfect ending. But with the capability of faking out defenders like this, he may get calls from some streetball representatives looking to make a comeback, or even the Harlem Globetrotters.


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