VIDEO: DeMar DeRozan throws down the (early) dunk of the year on Rudy Gobert


I was watching the Utah Jazz’s 93-89 win over the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday evening, and I suddenly felt the urge to comment in the Basketball Society’s group message about how much DeMar DeRozan’s game irks me. 

DeRozan, who in my opinion has been stuck in second-tier shooting guard purgatory for the last couple of seasons, loves to come off a series of screens just to clench on to the ball for five-to-eight seconds before hoisting up a tough midrange jumper.

Well, immediately after I critiqued DeRozan’s on-court tendencies, he marched past Gordon Hayward,  trotted down the lane and threw down the early Dunk of the Year on the Stifle Tower, better known as the Jazz’s 7-foot-2 center Rudy Gobert.

Let me use one of the greatest basketball GIF’s of all-time to express how I felt about that hammer. 


DeRozan finished the loss with 14 points, six assists, three rebounds and one major posterization. More of this please DeMar! 


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