VIDEO: DeAndre Jordan's best dunk of the year?


DeAndre Jordan’s latest dunk may be his best this season, and, of course, it came against none other than the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves.

With the Clippers up three early in the first quarter, Jordan and Chris Paul worked their usual pick-and-roll magic and the former slammed home the kind of dunk that would be otherworldly for any other player. However, for Jordan, it was just another night at Staples Center.

The reach and the power are what make this dunk so extraordinary; DJ snags the CP3 alley with his arm cocked back, rises up, and uses his incredible length to hammer the ball down from a considerable distance. Unsurprisingly, the Clips went on to beat the Wolves 89-76.

Oh, and Jordan finished the night with 20 points and 17 rebounds on 10-for-11 shooting. Just. Nasty.

Was this DeAndre’s best jam of the season? Give me your two cents @MarkAGavigan.


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