The Top NBA defenders from the 2016-2017 season in DFG%

NBA defenders

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Yesterday, we looked at the best catch and shoot 3-point shooters in the NBA last season and found out that Kemba Walker shot the best percentage. There are some interesting names on that list so definitely check out the full list by clicking on the link provided.

Today, we have decided to look at the other side of the ball, defense. We went to and looked at what percentage the opponents shot against each defender and how it compared to that opponent’s regular season FG%. They had calculated the statistic on the site and it is labeled as DIFF% in the chart below. We filtered out the data to only look at the players who defended at least 750 shots last season.

Here is the full list:

One thing to point out at first before evaluating this list is that this chart does not include all of the best defenders in the league. Some of the best defenders are so good that opponents don’t get many shots up on them during a season span. Kawhi Leonard and Avery Bradley are just two of those guys that come to mind.

So regarding the list, there are a couple of surprises, but the one I’ll highlight is Jokic. Seeing Nikola Jokic as last on the list was definitely a surprising one given how much hype is surrounding the young man lately, but we know he has to get better on the defensive end.

Who were you surprised by? Let us know on Twitter @BBallSociety_.


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