The Top Catch and Shoot 3PT shooters in the 2016-2017 NBA Season

Kemba Walker
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Today, I decided to look into who the best catch and shoot three-point shooters were in the NBA this past regular season. All of the data was obtained from What I did was filtered the data and only looked at those who had 200+ 3PAs last season.

Here is the full list:

Kemba Walker coming in as the top player is a bit of a shock. It’s not because he’s not a great player, but from the fact that he isn’t known as one of the top set shooters in our league. Now, obviously this stat doesn’t give credit to someone like Klay Thompson who attempted roughly 350 more 3-point attempts in catch and shoot scenarios this season, but guys like Klay are outliers.

Teams like the Houston Rockets thrive off of having catch and shoot players around them to be able to benefit from James Harden’s play-making ability. Now, with Chris Paul in H-Town it is ever so important for them to have good catch and shoot players.

Trevor Ariza, Ryan Anderson, Pat Beverley, and Eric Gordon are the Rockets players who had 200+ catch and shoot 3-point attempts last year. You’d have to assume that a good chunk of those shots are coming off of passes from James Harden. The Rockets need players to knock down those shots and because many of them shot well in catch and shoot scenarios, the Rockets as a whole were successful.

The Rockets aren’t the only team who need players who can make three-point shots off of the catch. Every team really does, just some more than others. It depends on the play style. For the teams who need catch and shoot 3-point shooters, here are the remaining free agents who are on the list from above:

(Otto Porter Jr., KCP, Tim Hardaway Jr., Mirotic, and Bogdanovic are RFA)


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