Top 5 Most Exciting NBA Players To Watch


General Managers, when putting together their team, have a lot to focus on. Of course you want your team to be well equipped for a championship run, but one important factor that they also consider is a player’s appeal. They need to get people in the seats and fans to tune in to their TV. That’s not going to happen with a weak and unexciting team.

The word ‘excitement’ in basketball terms can be interpreted in three different ways:

  1. The team is fundamentally sound and plays well on both sides of the court.
  2. The work ethic from the team is incredible.
  3. The team pulls off incredible plays that leaves you on the edge of your seat and puts on a show every night.

This third way is the one I’ll be talking about. Sure, it’s a true joy to watch Tim Duncan fundamentally give his team a victory, but it’s not as exciting as the 3rd option.

These players are the ones who get shown on highlights or vines night after night and leave you watching with awe as soon as they get the ball in their hands:

5. DeMarcus Cousins

I’m going to start with a bit of a curveball. We have to understand how great this player is to watch. DeMarcus Cousins is an animal in the paint and dominates it on a nightly basis as Shaq did during his time in the league.

Cousins has the dribbling, passing, dunking, and offensive skills to be able to create such enjoyment from watching him play.

Here’s just one of his fantastic and energizing plays from last season:

4. Jamal Crawford

J-Crossover is personally my favorite player to watch in the NBA. No matter where I am, if Crawford is on the TV screen and has the ball, I stop doing what I was previously doing to watch. You can’t help it.

Every single solitary time Crawford has the ball in his hands, you feel as though something amazing will happen. More often than not, that becomes a reality.

Crawford can cross you up, hit a 3 in your face, or just make you look ridiculous. Either way, he’s one of the harder wingers to guard in the NBA.

This play from a couple years ago is still one of the most embarrassing moves I’ve ever seen a player pull.

3. Russell Westbrook

Many fans of the game have differing opinions regarding the OKC point guard.  But, one thing everyone agrees upon is the fact that Westbrook is an exciting player to watch.

Russell is one of the quickest players and has an incredible ability to get to the rim. His athleticism alone earns him a spot on this list, not to mention his great scoring ability.

This one play this past season against the 76ers tells you everything you need to know about this man.

2. Kyrie Irving

Oh what a delight it is when Kyrie is healthy. The NBA needs him healthy. When Kyrie is on the court, there is not many others who can handle the ball like him, shoot like him, and finish like Irving.

Kyrie Irving has it all. We have seen numerous highlights showcasing his incredible ability to separate himself, but this one play against the Spurs was my favorite because of the handling coupled with the tough finish:

1. Stephen Curry

At number 1 we have, of course, Stephen Curry. Curry deserves the nod and has continued to supply us, the media, with incredible plays each and every night.

Like Crawford, Curry is one of those players that you want to watch every time he has the ball. You never know what he is going to pull off. This play against the Clippers was one of the most incredible dribbling and shooting sequences I have ever seen in such a short time span.


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