The Fadeaway: Episode 27- Where Will Your Team Be in Five Years?

The Fadeaway

Long time friend and guest of the show, Brandon Carfagna, is back on The Fadeaway! They discuss future of the 30 NBA Franchises and this week’s edition of Who’s Hot and Who’s Not.

Ryan and Brandon take a deep dive into each and every team in the NBA and decide where they will stand in the next five years. They set up appropriate matchups to decide which team is going to be better off in five years. They discuss the tough futures of teams like the Orlando Magic, the Memphis Grizzlies, and the Oklahoma City Thunder but also talk about the excitement fan bases like Philadelphia, Phoenix and Los Angeles should have.

Ryan also introduces a brand new segment called “Who’s Hot and Who’s Not” where he discusses the hottest trending storylines this week as well as some storylines that just flat out are not!

For all these hot takes and more listen to the full episode below! 

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