The Fadeaway Episode 26: Is it Time to Start Believing in Curses?

The Fadeaway

Returning Guest A.J. Arcaini joins The Fadeaway this week to talk Vegas odds, NBA marquee matchups and the Sixers’ rookie curses.

Every year Las Vegas releases the total win predictions for each team in the NBA and Ryan and A.J. talk about what they got right and some totals they think they might have missed on.

Ryan believes that Vegas missed the mark when they said the Spurs were going to miss the playoffs after trading away their star Kawhi Leonard and gave them an over/under of 43.5 wins on the season.

“There are things in this world that you don’t bet against and in the basketball sense that is usually LeBron James making the playoffs and the San Antonio Spurs having a winning season and making the playoffs.”

A.J. had similar feelings when it came to the Toronto Raptors and Vegas not giving them enough credit for what to expect this upcoming season.

“I think they are being a little undersold. I think people are downplaying the Kawhi Leonard effect, I think they go over that number of 52.5. I think Toronto finishes second in the conference if not first. I think they get up to about 60 wins.”

Ryan and A.J. also talk about the release of the opening week of the NBA schedule, Christmas Day schedule and Martin Luther King Jr. Day schedule. Some key match ups include Philadelphia at Boston, Los Angeles Lakers at Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City at Houston and much more!

It is time to start thinking about the real possibility that the Philadelphia 76ers first round draft picks might legitimately be cursed. The 76ers’ first-round draft pick Zhaire Smith injures his foot during a developmental camp and it is revealed later that he has a Jones fracture, the same injury that Ben Simmons had. The guys talk about the feelings that rose out of them when hearing the news and when the Sixers could expect to see Smith back in the lineup.

Also, an interesting development in the high school and NCAA rules surrounding eligibility and moving forward with their careers in the NBA. You don’t want to miss it!

For all these hot takes and more listen to the full episode below! 

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