The Fadeaway Episode 25: Special Guest Matt Hurd says Spurs won’t make the Playoffs

The Fadeaway

Special Guest Matt Hurd joined The Fadeaway this week to discuss the reactions from Summer League, the way way too early Western Conference predictions and much more!

There were many stand out stars in this leagues Vegas Summer League, some expected and some not so much. But at the end of the day both Calpin and Hurd could agree it was a very competitive league to watch this year.

One guy that Hurd mentioned was Jacob Evans who was taken by the Golden State Warriors (go figure).

“Jacob Evans from Cincinnati who was the late first round pick of the Warriors. That guy is the prototypical Warrior pick goes to the draft and finally goes to Golden State and everyone starts shaking their heads thinking how did 29 NBA GM’s let this happen. He looks like a force defensively and someone that can step into a mini Andre Iguodala role and grow into an Iguodala type role. I thought he looked really good.”

jacob evans

Calpin and Hurd also talked about their way way too early Western Conference predictions. With all the moves that were made over the free agency period both guys knew it wouldn’t be the same eight teams in the playoffs. They both could agree that Portland was in danger of falling out of the playoffs, because although a three seed last year they were only 4 games out from missing the playoffs.

Hurd believes that the Clippers, Nuggets and Lakers will be in the playoffs knocking out the Blazers, Timberwolves and Spurs. Hurd has a reason why the Spurs will be left out of the playoffs for the first time in 20 plus years.

“I think DeRozan stinks and it is a hot take I have had for three years and I am going to stick with it.”

For all these hot takes and more listen to the full episode below! 

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