#TBT: Scottie Pippen's underrated poster dunk on Charles Smith (VIDEO)



It’s no secret that Scottie Pippen is one of my favorite NBA players of all-time, but unfortunately I didn’t have the pleasure of enjoying his prime as I was born in 1994. However, I was able to educate myself on the brilliance of Pippen by utilizing my dad’s VHS tapes and full-length games on YouTube, and I couldn’t be happier that I chose to do so. 

Through the countless hours spent in the summer watching old Chicago Bulls playoff games attempting to get my hoops fix, not only was I able to establish a deep sense of appreciation for those historic Bulls teams, but I became infatuated with Pippen’s incredible blend of power, grace and athleticism. All of these unique qualities fused on this one play in 1995, when Pippen slaughtered the Knicks’ Charles Smith with this nasty poster jam:

This wasn’t the only time that Chicago terrorized Smith during the 90’s, as the Bulls famously stopped him from converting on four consecutive layups during the waning moments of Game 5 of the 1995 Eastern Conference Finals. 

It’s always an honor to throw it back to Pip, truly one of the most gifted players this league has ever seen. 


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