PODCAST – The Atlantic Files Ep45: 2016-17 Season Preview

Atlantic Files
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The Atlantic Files is here with a fresh new 2016-17 season preview! If you haven’t been listening, this podcast is all about the Atlantic Division in the NBA. All the rebuilding, up-and-coming, and playoff contending goodness contained into one historic division.

Previews, previews, and more previews is the name of the game in the opening episode. It’s time to talk about how the Toronto Raptors are not making many deals and they are deciding to bank on the talent they already have. Kyle Lowry has a contract to think about, and we need to be ready for the craziest possible scenarios to happen if he decides to leave Canada.

The Celtics have some young guns to go along with some top notch veterans. They finally made a bit of a splash in free agency with the signing of Al Horford. Also, what kind of impact can Jaylen Brown have in his very first season?

The Sixers have a fresh new look with Joel Embiid and Dario Saric finally making their debuts. However, Ben Simmons won’t be making his anticipated debut until January at the earliest. Then, there are the Brooklyn Nets. The new cellar dwellers in the minds of fans and experts everywhere. Although, Jeremy Lin in a big role with Brook Lopez should still be interesting to watch alongside all the young bucks who are trying to make a name for themselves.

Finally, there’s a couple new segments coming to the show! Listen below and find out what’s coming this season!


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