The Atlantic Files Ep47: Pump the Brakes

Atlantic Files
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We’re back with another episode of the best Atlantic Division podcast on the market! The season is still young, record performances, and fans are already overreacting. We have seen that Stephen Curry broke another three-point record, but there are other records that have been achieved.

We start things off in Toronto and DeMar DeRozan’s record-tying performance to start the season. What do the GOAT and DeRozan have in common now? Well, we’ll talk about that on the episode. Also, the Raptors have some young guys who are contributing, but one in particular has caught my eye.

The Celtics have been playing some defense that’s very out of character, and the big men are still in need of help at some point. Speaking of big men, the Knicks should really think about shifting theirs around. Not to mention, the improved play of Brook Lopez has made the Nets a competitive team.

Finally, the Sixers are already included in some trade rumors, so are the trades some good value for all teams involved? Also, Sixers fans are already killing Brett Brown right now. Pump your brakes. Seriously.

Listen to the full episode below:


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