I’m 100% sold on Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball

I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t on the Lonzo Ball “gravy train” coming into the offseason. Partially due to the fact that I slacked in my viewership of the collegiate basketball last season and also due to the onslaught of verbiage from his father, LaVar Ball. However, after 6 games of NBA Summer League, I’m 100% on board the Lonzo bandwagon.

So much so, I’m looking to purchase my #2 Lakers (although I believe #2 should be retired for Derek Fisher) Lonzo Ball jersey right after writing this article. I might even just go ahead and put a pair of the $500 ‘ZO2’ Triple Reds on my credit card as well. That’s probably not the right thing to do after listening to Jay Z’s 4:44 but hey man, I’m that sold on this kid.

The Court Vision

Coming into the draft, everyone expressed how much of a great and willing passer he would be and boy they weren’t lying. Ball does not hesitate to pass the ball up the court. Whether he’s going to get an assist or not, he always seems to make the right play. He grabs the rebound and immediately looks up the floor. At times, some of the passes are very risky which can lead to turnovers but the majority of the time, they are on point.

I love how he gets others involved and I know that his teammates appreciate it too. They are always ready and looking for the ball because they know he’s going to get it to them. It’s amazing to watch and I can’t wait to see how it translates into the regular season.

The Humility

With the hoopla surrounding his father and everything that he has said, it’s utterly astounding to me to see how humble Lonzo Ball is. Watching his interviews, he appears to be very mature and unphased by everything that has encompassed his short rookie pre-season thus far. Everything that comes out of his mouth is “we” and “my team” instead of “I” which I love to see from a young kid. Lonzo always makes sure to give credit to his teammates even when the media is attempting to give him all of it. With the hype and love following him in addition to LaVar Ball constantly in the media, it would be easy for Lonzo Ball to be one of the cockiest players in this draft class however, he chooses to move in a completely opposite manner.

The Chatter

The talk surrounding Lonzo Ball needs to change. Every day it seems that more and more people are either paying attention to what his father is saying or what Lonzo is wearing on his feet rather than how well he’s playing on the court.

Who cares what shoe he’s wearing, although I do believe he and his father have some tricks in the bag with the shoe tactic that they pulled off this week. And who cares about what crazy and outlandish statements LaVar decided to make in the media. LET’S TALK HOOPS and LET’S TALK LONZO BALL. This kid is here to play and he’s going to make a statement with his play on the court contrary to what people want to pay attention to. It’s early and the best competition is yet to come but I’m looking forward to seeing Lonzo Ball pass circles around the rest of the NBA this upcoming season.


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