Society Sitdown Ep. 2: Kyrie Irving trade madness and best/worst newcomers


In this week’s episode of Society Sitdown, B.J. and Alec are joined by Basketball Society running mate Justin Kirkland to discuss the blockbuster Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas trade, and what the ramifications will be for both teams. 

Are the Cavs better suited for a matchup with the defending champion Golden State Warriors? Is Boston ready to supplant Cleveland as the top dog in the Eastern Conference, or will losing Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder be too much to overcome defensively? Are their young guns in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum ready to juggle larger roles than they may have anticipated having prior to the trade? Can Irving be the leader nobody seems to think he’s capable of being

The trio also discusses best and worst newcomers, including Chris Paul to Houston, Paul George to Oklahoma City and under the radar moves such as Taj Gibson to Minnesota and CJ Miles to Toronto. Be sure to view the video above for hot takes, hot topics, and hot debates.

Ep. 1: Analyzing the 2017 Rookie Class 


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