Society Scouting Report: Kelly Oubre


Kent State v Kansas


Height: 6-7

Weight: 203

Year: Freshman

Position: Small Forward

NBA Combine Measurements:

kelly oubre measurements


NBA Combine Times:

kelly oubre times

Draft Projection: Late Lottery (10-14)

2014-2015 NCAA Statistics:

9.3 PPG 5.0 RPG 1.1 STL 44.4 FG% 35.8 3PT% 71.8 FT%

NBA Player Comparison: Gerald Green

Kelly Oubre is one of the top prospects that I truly believe should have stayed another year in college. Yes, he has a great touch from outside and has incredible length for his height, but he won’t make a memorable NBA stay if he doesn’t improve drastically. Coach Bill Self would have been the perfect person to continue his training. I still do believe that Oubre can become a great NBA player, but now it depends what system he is thrust into right away and how he reacts.

Oubre is a fantastic long range shooter who can get hot in a hurry. His quickness and dribbling skills aren’t where they should be for a 6’7 SF. I am not sure how he is going to be able to finish in the lane. If he remains strictly a shooter from long range, that won’t work well for him or the team. J.J. Redick and company can succeed in that aspect because they are small, quick, have extremely quick releases, and can shoot off the dribble. Oubre’s release is not slow by any means, but he needs to set his feet well before he can get off a good shot. His driving capabilities remind us of a young Anthony Randolph or Michael Beasley. Both lefties, like Oubre and both did not succeed in the NBA because they couldn’t deal with the physicality.

Gerald Green heats up in the same way that Oubre does. They both have incredible athleticism as well, but need work on their ball handling. Gerald Green can shoot off the dribble more efficiently which is something that Kelly must work on. If Oubre can develop that part of his game, he will truly be a feared long range gunner. Kelly Oubre will be drafted off of his shooting capabilities and the potential for everything else. If ‘everything else’ doesn’t reach that potential, than he won’t be in the NBA for too long. I hate to say it, but for now it looks as though he made a mistake coming to the league. It was too early and he might not be getting the minutes in the NBA that he was expecting.


Future Professional Potential: Late Rotation Player or D-League


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