Society Scouting Report: Emmanuel Mudiay


Height: 6-5

Weight: 200 lb

Year: 1 year overseas

Position: Point Guard

NBA Combine Measurements and Times: Did not participate

Draft Projection: Top 5

2014-2015 China Statistics:

18.0 PPG 6.3 RPG 5.9 APG 1.6 STL 47.8 FG% 34.2 3PT% 57.4 FT%

NBA Player Comparison: Nate McMillan

Unproven is the one word that continues to be associated with Mudiay. It’s true, Mudiay hasn’t played the same type of competition that some of the elite college players have dealt with, but Emmanuel’s abilities go past his statistics. He has great size and athleticism for his height and causes a huge problem for opposing guards. Mudiay’s potential is extremely high at this point. but his decision to not go to college will hurt him in the long run.

Mudiay’s analyisis is very similar to Elfrid Payton’s from the prior year. Has the stats, defensive presence, and passing ability that you want from your point guard but the shot is a big question. Emmanuel struggled at the line and that is something you do not want to see from your point guard.  He also averaged over 3 turnovers per game in China. That’s right under a 2.0 assist to turnover ratio. A PG is supposed to be the reliable one with the ball at the end of the game, not the one turning it over or missing crucial foul shots.

My NBA player comparison for Mudiay is Nate McMillan. Not many people remember the career that McMillan had. He was a solid point guard on the Seattle SuperSonices and will always be remembered as a terrific passer, rebounder (for his size), and defender. He had incredible dribble penetration that opened up the offense and always found the big man for the easy bucket. Nate wasn’t ever recognized as a great scorer by any means, but he did what he needed to do to get the win. I see a lot of the same in Mudiay. Emmanuel has that same kind of grit and grind that Nate had. Mudiay will have to change his game up significantly in the NBA. While he is indeed a better scorer than McMillan, he doesn’t have the same control offensively that Nate had. Emmanuel will have to show up in his rookie season if he wants to be a consistent starter in the league, but for now it seems as though Mudiay might be looking at a lesser role during his NBA career.


Future Professional Potential: Role Player


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