PODCAST – The Atlantic Files: Episode 5

NBA Atlantic Division

Host Alex Fischbein (@ThatKidFisch) delivers another episode of The Atlantic Files fresh off the press.

The Raptors are still comfortably in the lead of the Atlantic Division with the Nets a ways behind them. One of the biggest topics about the Raptors, is whether or not star point guard, Kyle Lowry, is a legit MVP candidate. Alex Fischbein goes in depth to explain why Lowry is or isn’t legit. Also, the Nets made a move, but Alex thinks that could just be the start of many more to come.

The Celtics, Knicks, and Sixers are still battling to see who can lose the most, but there are good things on the horizon for a couple of them. The Celtics have the #1 team in the league in assists per game? The Sixers could have a top 10 defense? Alex explains it here.


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