Pistons’ Reggie Jackson harshly ethers heckling fan on Twitter

Detroit Pistons, Cleveland Cavaliers, Reggie Jackson, Kyrie Irving
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Detroit Pistons, Boston Celtics, Avery Bradley
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If there were any qualms as to why the Detroit Pistons signed point guard Reggie Jackson to a five-year, $80 million deal in the offseason, they’ve been banished. Jackson, who is averaging a career-high 19.1 points and 6.4 assists per game in his first full season with the Pistons, currently has Detroit in the postseason as the Eastern Conference’s 8th seed, and he’s solidified himself as a big-time contributor next to the emerging Andre Drummond.

After falling behind by 24-points to the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night, the Pistons made a huge charge to once again make it a competitive contest, but their comeback efforts could not be completed as they eventually fell 102-95.

Apparently the early-game aloofness that doomed Detroit prompted one fan to take a shot at Jackson on Twitter, asking for half of Jackson’s earnings from his mammoth deal. Jackson then responded with a harshness that was unexpected.

Ouch. Conventional wisdom says Jackson was just joking, but urging a fan to commit suicide is serious stuff. Don’t expect the league to bat a blind eye to this, especially after Jackson verbally sparred with a fan in Oklahoma City earlier this season, a battle that cost him $25,000

Who knew Jackson was so easy to irritate? 



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