Fisch’s Friday Rant: Phil Jackson’s Reality Show

Phil Jackson, Carmelo Anthony

Come one, come all, to the latest and greatest reality show! Phil Jackson takes the reigns of the New York Knicks and he’s willing to subtweet about anyone and everyone at the same time!

All kidding aside, the Knicks are currently a train wreck going in slow motion. We are seeing all the details play out, and just idly standing by as they crumble and fall apart. Through all the fire and flames, one man has been standing tall though. Carmelo Anthony has been the adult in this situation, and he has controlled himself in front of the media and while on social media. This says a lot about Anthony, especially since his own fans are booing him out of the gym every time he steps out on the floor.

I understand Knicks fans, this is getting to be way too ridiculous. Sometimes you just need to go through your drama and Degrassi stage, to get to your Drake stage.


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