Paul Pierce says Celtics Big 3 was "Holy Trinity"

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen

Paul Pierce says Celtics Big 3 was “Holy Trinity”, speaks on Cavs struggles

The whole “Big 3” notion was re-invigorated by the Boston Celtics when Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett went to team up with Paul Pierce in 2006. We all recognized just how talented that group would be, but it also seemed clear that these future Hall of Famers would fit ideally in their roles and would do what was necessary for them to pursue their first NBA titles.

Pierce described it like this to Bleacher Report,

“It was sort of like the holy trinity or something, man,” Pierce said, smiling again. “I don’t know. It just, it came together.”

We all were different, but we all complemented each other,” Pierce said. “The next thing you know, the chemistry and everything is perfect.”

We were all at a point in our career where we won a lot of games, never won a championship, won a lot of statistical (honors), All-Star games, Kevin had an MVP. It was like, what was left? We all wanted to win a championship.

LeBron James is now a veteran in Big 3 conversations, but his current one in Cleveland is just 6-7 to start the season and not without it’s gaping holes. Better defense, an established identity, and chemistry is what the Cavaliers are so desperately searching for right now.

Chemistry is everything,” Pierce said. “You can’t overlook the added pieces. The stars are going to be the guys every night, but it’s always going to be the role players that complete your team.

It doesn’t matter how much talent you put on one team, as you saw with the Lakers team with Dwight and Kobe and those guys. A lot of them didn’t complement each other. They were just stars.

What we’ll always remember as special about Boston’s 2007 championship team was how Rajon Rondo basically made them a Big 4 when he came into his own. Pierce’s insight is certainly relevant to the Cleveland Cavaliers at this point, who have their talent base and prolific Big 3, but can’t seem to get the right combination of momentum, leadership, and effort early in the season.

Not every team can put together a team of stars and win a title in their first go-round like Boston did in 2007. Does that make them the Holy Trinity of Big 3’s?


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