Strap City: Tony Allen



Tony Allen, one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA. Go ahead and think that that’s not a true statement. Once you watch one game though, he will prove you wrong. He’s a gritty player and Memphis loves him for it. He embodies the kind of attitude you want from a player. Sure, he may not have all the offensive moves you might want from a shooting guard, but great defense is something you can’t argue against.

Many fans realized how much skill he really has when he played against Kevin Durant in the playoffs. He denied KD the ball, he played the passing lanes, forced turnovers, and caused Durant to miss a good amount of shots. Speaking of his defense on Kevin Durant, the video below shows highlights of a game against OKC where you can see Allen playing the type of hard-nosed defense he’s known for.

While looking at Tony Allen’s defensive ratings, one might say, “Well seeing a few ratings over 100 isn’t that great.” Think about this, Allen is always matched up with the best scorer on the other team. Even when he played great defense on Kevin Durant, it’s still Durant who will get his points no matter what defender is on him. Guarding players like that will always come with challenges no matter how good of a defender you are.

Watching Tony Allen’s defensive awareness on the floor is a spectacle on its own. If a player comes to screen him, he fights through it with all he has and makes sure that ball-handler doesn’t have an open look. He knows exactly when to fight over top of a pick and when to go under. He never leaves a shot uncontested and he plays the passing lanes like a ball-hawking safety in the NFL. Not only can he intercept passes, but he can pick the pocket of even the best ball-handlers in the game. This man is 6’4″ and he can play defense on players with the height of Kevin Durant all the way down to players at point guard. Tony Allen is a ferocious defender that any coach would love to have. I leave you with this highlight reel of Tony Allen’s career.



Larry Bird: Paul George's tweets on Ray Rice were 'thoughtless'


e8b314a2105bd055c94b7b905e36a679_crop_north.Bird was not happy with what Paul George had to say on Twitter.

On Thursday afternoon, Indiana Pacers president Larry Bird released a statement regarding Paul George’s public defense of Ray Rice. George foolishly tried to justify Rice’s heinous acts, and as a result there was a major uproar. Bird wasn’t happy about the incident.

Paul George’s tweets from earlier were thoughtless and without regard to the subject of domestic violence and its seriousness in society. We have talked to Paul to strongly express our displeasure and made it clear that the NBA and the Pacers’ organization will not condone or tolerate remarks of this nature. Paul understands that he was wrong and why his tweets were so inappropriate and is very apologetic.

George had already offered an apology on Twitter, but the Pacers star issued an official statement as well.

I want to apologize to all victims of domestic abuse for my insensitive tweets. They were obviously without proper understanding of the seriousness of the situation and I sincerely regret my poor choice of words.

George truly seems to regret the message he sent, and hopefully for the Pacers, Paul George thinks before he hits that “TWEET” button.


Delonte West signs with Yao Ming's Shanghai Sharks


delontewestThe former Dallas Maverick is headed to China.

According to Chris Haynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, NBA veteran Delonte West has agreed to a one-year deal with the Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association. The Sharks are owned by former Houston Rockets big man Yao Ming.


West hasn’t played in the NBA since he appeared in 44 games with the Dallas Mavericks in 2012. The former Saint Joe’s Hawk played eight games with the Texas Legends, the Mavericks D-League affiliate in 2013, and last year he played in China with the Fujian Sturgeons.

This past summer, West played in three games for the Los Angeles Clippers during the NBA Summer League, but played poorly during his stint.

West yearns to return to the NBA, but this deal indicates that a career revival in the Association isn’t likely for the 31-year-old. Delonte West averages 9.7 points, 3.6 assists and 2.9 rebounds for his NBA career.



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