VIDEO: When a retired Michael Jordan was challenged by a young Bulls player in 1999


I went to Michael Jordan’s basketball camp in Chicago when I was a kid. Jordan was and still is my favorite player and competitor of all time, and I admired the beauty and timelessness of his offensive game.

In 1999, after Jordan’s second and seemingly final retirement from the NBA, he went to the Chicago Bulls practice facility and was challenged by young Bulls player Corey Benjamin. Bad idea. Jordan did only what Jordan does in one-on-one games, abused Benjamin with his back-to-the-basket repertoire and narrated his moves as he did them. The young Bulls players like Ron Artest and Elton Brand, who were mightily struggling to resurge the Bulls in the post-Jordan era, could only watch and marvel.

Hearing Jordan talk to reporters afterwards, he sounded content in his retirement, but as we know, he had one more go-around in him.


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