Scoop B: Mario Chalmers enjoys playing Call of Duty & rocking Carolina Panthers, Kansas Jayhawks & Miami Heat hats

Mario Chalmers
Mario Chalmers checks in with Scoop B Radio.

Mario Chalmers talks hats & video games with Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson on the Scoop B Radio Podcast. Press Play Below To Listen! 

Recently former Miami Heat guard, Mario Chalmers appeared on Dwyane Wade’s snapchat.

The two former Heat teammates were getting their summer bodies right at DBC Fitness, the Miami gym founded and directed by David Alexander, who trained LeBron James while James played for the Heat.

It was cool to see a Wade and Chalmers reunion. After all, the two won two championships during the Miami Heat Big 3 era of Chris Bosh, James, and Wade.

The NBA’s free-agent negotiating period ignites on July 1 and both Wade and Chalmers are free agents.

Could you imagine the two re-upping in M-I-A?


LeBron James and Mario Chalmers.

At 32, Chalmers came back to the league after sitting out all of the 2016-17 NBA season with a torn Achilles.

Wade, 36 made his return to the team that drafted him, the Miami Heat after stints with the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Hey, speaking of summertime and downtime, did you know that Chalmers is a huge video gamer?

“I’m definitely a gamer,” Mario Chalmers told me on the Scoop B Radio Podcast.

“Right before I called you, I was playing Madden. Right after I get off the phone, I’ll probably go and play a little Call of Duty. So I’m always on the videos games, always doing that. I like to shoot pool. I like to watch movies. Those are the main things I like to do in my spare time.”

He’s also a hat collector.

“I have top three teams that I’m always wearing,” he said. “One is Carolina Panthers, it used to be Miami Heat. I always had a Miami Heat hat [when I played for the team] and my third one is; I gotta wear my [Kansas] Jayhawk hat. You know I always gotta have my college down.”

With NBA free agency around the corner, could imagine a LeBron James and Dwyane Wade reunion with a free agent like Paul George to mix?

Perhaps Chalmers could run the point?

Can July come any sooner?


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