Jordan Ford proving that he is one of the best players in the nation

Jordan Ford
Photo: L.E. Baskow, Associated Press

Jordan Ford is a name that many college basketball fans know by now. He is in his 4th year now for Saint Mary’s and we’ve named him as one of the best players in the nation. It might be time to consider him for THE best in the nation soon.

Sure, it has only been one game, but did you see Jordan Ford’s performance against Wisconsin? If not, let me take you through a short video series breaking down some of the incredible moves he pulled off today.

Jordan Ford had an outstanding game tonight against Wisconsin where he finished with 26 points on 11/24 shooting from the field and 4/8 from deep. He played all 45 minutes in the game (given they went into OT).

His very first bucket personified who Jordan Ford is. And he can be described by one word:


How many players have that quick twitch movement at the college level? How opposing college guards can even keep Ford in front of them is a mystery to me. That is Brad Davison after all, someone who is known for his great defense.

Let’s move on in the game. Jordan Ford had himself a terrific first half and continued to go into his bag to pull out whatever he needed to get a bucket.

He could hit off-balanced running J’s.

And Ford was even hitting step-back 3’s.

Like I said, he was doing it all in the first half on his way to 15 points, making it look very easy.

The 2nd half proved to be no different for Jordan Ford as he again was using his burst to get to the rim and pulling off some crazy, quick moves to get by defenders.

Jordan Ford is just so skilled off the bounce. Even though he doesn’t carry much mass, the quickness and tight handle gives him enough space to get by almost anyone in the country.

Even if Jordan Ford gets caught and has to pick up his dribble, he has a high enough IQ and good enough foot-work to be able to get a high percentage shot off (for him that is).

As the night went on, Saint Mary’s seemed to take a hold of the game. But, knowing Wisconsin, they weren’t going to just wither away. That meant that Ford had to continue to press on the gas. Given he had played so long in this game, it was noticeable that his burst wasn’t necessarily all there late, so he had to rely on other facets of his game.

That’s no problem for him though given his clear NBA range from beyond the arc.

One thing Jordan Ford is so good at is finishing with both hands. He is a righty, but actually seems to prefer to finish with his left hand at times. And one thing that is almost always coupled with the finish is his nasty full or half spin move.

That was Jordan Ford’s last bucket of the game even though it went to OT. Malik Fitts was able to take the reins from Jordan Ford in OT and carry the team to a win. Ford was actually the one to hit Fitts with a nice pass to set him up for a huge three that gave Saint Mary’s the lead late.

Saint Mary’s ended up winning the game 65-63 over Wisconsin largely due to Jordan Ford’s fantastic performance in regulation. Expect to see more and more exciting games from Ford this season.


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