Jarrett Allen Scouting Report

Jarrett Allen

Date of Birth: April 21, 1998

Position: Center

College: Texas

Measurements: 6’10, 234 lbs



Jarrett Allen is one of the best centers in this draft. Zach Collins should be the first center off the board come draft time, but it is very realistic to think that Allen could be the next one. Texas had another very poor season in the Big 12, finishing with an overall record of 11-22. Not really any of the blame can be placed on Allen though.

Allen finished with averages of 13.4 points and 8.5 rebounds per game this season at Texas. His impact was felt most on the defensive end with his great length as he had a DBPM of 4.6, but he did show some flashes offensively as well.

In the play below, you can see Jarrett Allen pull off a terrific move in the post because of his fantastic foot-work:

Allen has the physique and skills to be a solid shot-blocker at the next level. He is only 6’10, but has a wingspan of 7’5 which allows for him to be a force in the paint defensively.


Jarrett Allen has no discernible skills offensively at this point. His jump shot wasn’t pretty by any means, but he did happen to shoot 47.7% on 2-point Js. That high percentage can be attributed to the fact that he was the longest player on the court at all times. That won’t be the case in the NBA.

While Allen has a great wingspan, we have to mention the height problem. With him being only 6’10 and being unable to play the power forward position, Jarrett Allen isn’t very versatile. To be successful at the next level, he’d need to be in the right system and would need the right mentor.


The team that drafts Jarrett Allen will know that he isn’t a complete player yet. He’s young and talented, but can’t fit into all rotations right now. His offensive liabilities could hamper a team if the power forward alongside Allen is not offensively skilled. Whatever team selects Allen will be taking the risk that he can develop an offensive game soon.

Interesting Stat:

Jarrett Allen is the 1st player in the Big 12 since Tristan Thompson to accumulate 400 PTS, 100 OREB, and 50 BLK in one season.


Ian Mahinmi

Ian Mahinmi has been a solid defensive big man in the league his entire career. His offense is limited to a solid mid-range shot within 15 feet and nothing more. Jarrett Allen has a chance to be that same type of player in the league and possibly even better. Allen is more athletic and not as big, but should be able to make a similar type of an impact if he continues to work on his defense.

Draft Prediction:

Between 14 and 18


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