Jamel Artis Scouting Report

Jamel Artis

Date of Birth: January 12th, 1993

Position: Shooting Guard/Small Forward

College: University of Pittsburgh

Measurements: 6’7, 215 lbs


Jamel Artis’ shooting ability is the biggest strength of his game. He’s not the deadeye, catch-and-shoot guy that will knock down threes when you need him. He’s a player that will create his own shot and one that needs the ball in his hands more often than not to do so. Artis, last season, was ranked in the top-10 in the ACC in field goal percentage(.475), points(582), points per game(18.2), effective field goal percentage(.564), and offensive box plus/minus(6.7). On top of that, he shot 54.5% on two-point shots and 39.2% on three-pointers. On the college level, Artis could score from many different areas on the floor as you can see in the video below.

Another strength of his game is his passing ability. He did not have the greatest assist-to-turnover ratio, but that seemed to be more due to dribbling mistakes and mental errors. While on the floor, he had an assist percentage of 22.8% while lowering his turnover percentage from the season prior. He only averaged a little more than three assists per game, but more often than not he made the correct pass in the flow of the offense.


The defensive side of Artis’ game is almost non-existent. His best defensive rating came during his freshman year and it was only 101.5. This past season, his defensive rating rose all the way to 113.5 and he was in the negatives in terms of defensive box plus/minus. Artis is not one to jump the passing lanes or strip the ball, and despite his length, he is in no way a shot blocker either.

Athleticism is also Artis’ worst enemy. Measurements at the NBA Combine proved that he would not be able to keep up with the fast-paced game in the NBA. Artis was in the bottom five for the max vertical jump, dead last in standing vertical jump, and he was among the slower half of players in the 3/4 court sprint, shuttle run, and lane agility. So, he’s supposed to be a point-forward type of swingman, but with nowhere near the athleticism of any of those same kinds of players in the NBA.

Last but not least, Jamel Artis needs to dominate the ball to operate at the highest level possible. While that may have worked on the college level due to the mismatches he faced due to his size, he will not find the same comfort in the NBA. Artis is the size of a typical NBA shooting guard but possesses the athleticism of a typical NBA power forward or center. Even as the main feature on a second unit, Artis will struggle as he will not be able to enjoy the same usage rating that he became accustomed to.


The team that decides to take a flyer on Artis in the second round or undrafted range, will be risking their time in a player that does not have the physical skills to match up in the NBA. To add to that, Artis does not possess an elite skill. Every player that carves a niche for themselves tends to have at least one elite skill that makes them useful for an NBA team.

Interesting Stat:

Jamel Artis is one of five players in ACC history to average at least 18 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists per game while shooting at least 39% from three in the same season. The other four players are Malcolm Brogdon, Reggie Jackson, Jared Dudley, and Grayson Allen.


Tyreke Evans and Kyle Anderson

The slower point-forward is the mold that Jamel Artis fits the most. Anderson and Evans have a much higher passing ability and basketball IQ which has allowed them to stay on an NBA team. Artis is the better shooter of the three, but not by much. If he wants to stick in the league, he will have to learn more of an all-around game like these two have had.

Draft Prediction:



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