Jalen Lecque’s year is now and the NBA better get ready

Jalen Lecque

Jalen Lecque is EXPLOSIVE, look at his bounce in the Bahamas over the weekend! He has absurd athleticism that does not only pack gyms, but had brought almost every coach in the country to at least one of his games before the Bronx native committed to NC State in October. His high flying ability was put on the back burner last season with Zion Williamson flying through the air, but Lecque had a few gems above the rim as well.

Instead of going to college, it sounds like Lecque might commit to the 2019 NBA Draft. Lecque is going into his fifth year of high school at Brewster Academy in New Hampshire. Over the weekend he was pulling out the ‘eastbay,’ dunk in the middle of the game.


The final decision will not be made until the end of his season in March, but if this is your first introduction to ‘Baby Westbrook,’ allow me to do the honors. Lecque has explosive athleticism that compliment his combo-guard skills with a body frame similar to Kris Dunn’s. Lecque has a ceiling to become a lengthier Dennis Smith jr. sitting at 6’4″ and 190 pounds.

His length, strength, and explosiveness makes him a tough guard on the defensive end of the ball. As a superb ball-handler and also a strong finisher, he is able to score at every level of the game. His first step is so quick that before his defender is in front of him he is already trying to gauge the next move Lecque will throw at him. His mid-range jumper is reliable and his defensive potential is the most intriguing attribute not conversed about enough.

The Bounciest high school athlete that there is to offer is not only an amazing offensive player, but his basketball IQ sets him apart from most guards in his class. He works hard on the glass and is determined to start the break when the ball comes off the rim.  But, as mentioned, he does not only commit to one side of the court and that is what is the most exciting part of Jalen’s game.

He took over the EYBL circuit over the summer with his athletic ability finishing with 14.7 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 4 assists a game. Lecque will continue to fly this year and maybe fly high enough to cash in on a first-round pick in the NBA draft, that might persuade him to skip college basketball.

“I want to be a great college player, but my end goal is to help my family,” Lecque told ESPN Saturday. ” I want to be a concrete Round 1 player if I do make that decision. If I’m guaranteed a Round 1 position, then you never know.”

If Jalen Lecque does commit to the NBA draft, this might be one of the most highly touted drafts in history!


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