Jae Crowder says Randy Wittman cursed at him

John Wall, Jae Crowder

According to Todd Dybas of the Washington Post, Jae Crowder of the Boston Celtics said that Washington Wizards coach Randy Wittman was swearing at him and calling him soft during their game on Saturday night. Crowder also told reporters that a coach has never talked to him like that before. 

Crowder and the Celtics still had the last laugh when they held on for the win, but the fact that anyone would have some kind of personal conflict with Crowder is surprising. First of all, the comment about being “soft” isn’t remotely close in describing any aspect of Crowder’s game or his work ethic. Crowder has worked his way from an NBA “nobody” up to a starting spot and nice contract with the Boston Celtics. He has worked his butt off on defense, and became a valuable three-and-D player that any team would love to have on their side. Nothing about this guy is soft, and he definitely has earned what he has gotten.

On the other hand, if this is true about what Wittman said, then this is alarming for the Wizards. You don’t want a sort of Barnes/Fisher situation on your hands, and the coach is always supposed to be the most level headed of the team when it comes to game situations. Also, this comes as a surprise that Wittman would even do this sort of thing. This raises a question of what did Crowder even do to make Randy Wittman act this way?

H/T: CBS Sports




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