VIDEO: 5’11 Isaiah Montgomery Might Have Been The Best Dunker You Never Knew


Isaiah Montgomery first got his start as a dunking god when he was 17 on the mean streets of Philadelphia. The reasoning behind him being the “best dunker you never heard of” is because Montgomery was ruled ineligible for bringing bringing in over $6,000 in Dunk Contest wins during the summer of 1990. Another significance of Montgomery was that he was one of the first people to record themselves dunking over a car. 

See the hype for yourself.

His high school coach seemed to not be a fan of Montgomery’s dunking tactics as he was quoted saying, “Basketball is a Sport, Dunking is NOT a sport”. 

Well, his coach may have been right at the time, but 26 years later, things have changed. With the realm of social media, dunk contests being broadcasted all over the world, and companies like Whistle Sports creating video episodes titled “The Dunk League” for Verizon’s Go90, dunking may be more than just a shot in basketball. 

It may not be a sport, but it has since been put on a realm of it’s own, it’s a distinct type of shot that only a small percentage of people are able to do. Montgomery had a gift that most people would kill to have, and he started a legacy that is still being carried today. 


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