Inside the Move: Double In-and-Outs

Jamal Crawford

An in-depth look at the Society’s Move of the Week

This week’s move is the double in-and-out. It’s a simple in-and-out but done two times in a row to really confuse the defender. The move’s purpose is to get the defender on their heels and misdirect them into thinking the ball-handler is crossing over when simply they’re going in the same direction. Sometimes one in-and-out just isn’t enough but once that second one comes, the defender has no idea where to go.

Keys to the move:

  • Do not carry. Some players have a habit of cupping the ball and getting their hand under it when performing an in-and-out move. That’s a ‘no-no’ when doing the move because 9 times out of 10, the referee will call a carry.
  • Sell the move with your eyes and your head. The in-and-out can do even more damage if the ball-handler sells it the right way. Jerk your head and look into the direction that you’re faking. If the defender sees the ball-handler’s eyes and head going one way, they will be convinced the ball is going that way, giving the ball-handler an open lane.

The variations to an in-and-out are endless. Whether is an in-and-out crossover, an in-and-out snatch back, or an in-and-out cross into a pro-hop that Jamal Crawford has tremendously perfected, there’s so much that can be done with a simple in-and-out. It’s a move that no matter what, when done correctly, it will leave defenders on their heels. It’s a great set-up for another move to leave your defender on the floor and the crowd going crazy.


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