Ice Cube on Kobe Bryant joining the BIG3: “He always turns me down”

Jamal Crawford

As the BIG3 goes into the playoffs of their second season this weekend, they have some legitimate spotlight after a standout sophomore outing. They were able to add 21 newcomers for this season of the BIG3 including the likes of Amar’e Stoudemire, Nate Robinson, and Baron Davis.

There are of course a handful of big fish targets in the ocean of NBA retirees that BIG3 founder Ice Cube is adamant to get his hands on. Perhaps the biggest of those fish is Kobe Bryant.

Cube shared on the Rich Eisen Show that he’s consistently pitched Kobe the idea and he’s consistently been turned down. But that doesn’t mean he’ll stop the pursuit of the all-time great.

Yes, every time. He always turns me down. But I don’t care. Next time I see you Kobe, I’ll ask you again.

It might take him another year or so to get the itch but whenever he gets the itch, we’re here to scratch it.

Cube also brought up former Spurs star Tim Duncan, who was sighted playing in the Bahamas recently.

As the BIG3 continues to experience substantial growth and interest, it could become more attractive to future Hall of Famers such as Kobe, Duncan, or someone like Paul Pierce. These are some of the players that fans would obviously love to see play in the BIG3 and could elevate its popularity.

The playoffs this weekend and the segue into its third season could have implications for the mission to attract those kinds of names.


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