Top High School basketball athletes now have another option

High School Basketball

Today it was announced that top, elite college athletes will have a chance to forego their collegiate career and instead spend a year in the G-League and earn some good money:

It sounds like this will be implemented next year and once it officially is, it will be a very interesting option for top high school athletes like Cole Anthony who has still not decided on what college he wants to attend. While $125K is a lot of money, this may not be enough to entice all of the elite high school basketball prospects to commit to going to the G League instead of attending college though. There are so many questions still to be answered, but at the very least, it is great that the NBA is supplying high school athletes with this option.

There are many high school athletes that absolutely need to get paid right out of school to support their families. Lots of players, like Terry Rozier back at Louisville, leave for college as soon as possible as to have their mothers have to stop working multiple jobs to put them through school, for example. These are the people who will absolutely welcome this opportunity to play in the G League. But, there would be a huge question surrounding whether these top prospects would get enough time in the G League. Because if they are not getting time, it might be worth it for them to go to college if they absolutely do not need the money.

It’s truly hard to evaluate this news given that it just came out today. We still don’t know all of the pertinent details regarding it. Maybe, AND HOPEFULLY, this will entice the NCAA to start paying their athletes so as to not lose some of the best players to the G League. Either way, the NBA is being proactive by trying to get these athletes paid for the time they put on the court. While the G League route may not be perfect, it is an option that top athletes will soon have.



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