Fisch’s Friday Rant: Water Bottles Hurt

LeBron James

I’m sure by now, that all of you reading this have heard of the “Water Bottle Challenge.” If you haven’t, well, it only consists of flipping a water bottle and trying to make it land right-side up. If I told you that a month or so into the season that media members and fans would be upset about LeBron James joining in on the trend, would you be surprised?

Personally, I’m not too surprised because there’s always something dumb that everyone latches on to. Last season, we had the situations that involved D’Angelo Russell apparently snitching on Nick Young, and we also had people upset that Steph Curry was throwing the basketball like a football before games. Now, the little piece of mindless drama that everyone is creating has to do with the best player of this generation flipping a water bottle. How silly is that?

On top of that, there is the weird feud going on between Phil Jackson and LeBron. So, the guy who went on a talk show and talked about his own player holding the ball too long is in a position to start a beef? Child, please. Just take a look at my thoughts on these topics below.



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