The New York Knicks won’t benefit from Derrick Rose “hero” ball

Derrick Rose

The New York Knicks took a tough loss at the hands of the Atlanta Hawks last night. It was an eventful roller coaster that included an early Carmelo Anthony ejection, overtime, and three missed late free throws to send the game into double-overtime. Although the Anthony-less Knicks fought hard to stay in the game, I couldn’t help but notice the attempted heroics by Derrick Rose.

As I sat on my couch and viewed this game, I couldn’t help but be disgusted by the late play of Rose. Overall, the 7-year point guard had 26 points for the night but it came at a very inefficient 9-28 shooting. But what stood out to me even more was the forcing of shots, dribbling into double teams, and looking off Kristaps on numerous occasions.

The most blatant situation was in overtime when Derrick Rose got the ball off of an inbound play. Porzingis had a tremendous mismatch after the 6’1 Dennis Shroder proceeded to switched on him. However, Rose decided to drive baseline and well, the rest was history.

I understand Schroder was fronting and Paul Millsap was in help but as the point guard, you HAVE to do all you can to get Kristaps the ball in that situation. A 7’3 forward against a 6’1 guard is everything you ever wanted. Porzingis has to do a better job making himself available but Rose also has to do a better job in trying to get him the ball.

Last night was a case of Derrick Rose trying to do too much. Without Anthony and Courtney Lee, he felt it upon himself to try and takeover the game and it wasn’t in the Knicks best interest. Rose took floater after floater late in that game and with every miss, I cringed even more. With Porzingis out on the floor, you have to play through him and I don’t think Derrick Rose realizes that.  He and the rest of the team will benefit from playing through the proclaimed “unicorn”. Maybe it’s a lack of trust issue between those two or Derrick Rose just wants to be the hero but it seems everyone but Rose realizes that he’s not the same guy that he once was.



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