DeMarcus Cousins should demand a trade for the fans’ sake


The butt of many jokes, a train wreck of a front office, and a revolving door of coaches are all ways to describe what has been happening with the Sacramento Kings. The only consistent piece for the last few years has been the dominant force that is DeMarcus Cousins. We’ve seen many technical fouls, a lot of terrible body language, and constant conflicts taking place in the locker room, but Cousins has always been the one to lure fans to at least watch the game.

DeMarcus Cousins playing for Team USA has been and will always be a breath of fresh air for him and all of his fans. He’s been able to play a more care free type of game and he’s smiling and joking around much more as well. His energy is refreshing, and he shows flashes of dominance that are beyond the levels of the dominance he already has shown. While watching him work in the post, his movements are fluid and nothing seems forced. He has confidence that if the post move isn’t there, he can kick it out to someone for a bucket. Gone are the worries that if he doesn’t perform, then the team loses. He can focus on his game while not having to stress about teaching anyone else where to be.

According to Sacramento Kings record, he’s already the owner of the record for most points in an Olympic game by a Sacramento Kings player.

Not only is he getting recognition within his own franchise, but FIBA is recognizing his talents as well:

With the way the Kings have been run from front office down, it seems as though there will never be a true star to go alongside DeMarcus Cousins. The best players that have been by his side are Rudy Gay and Rajon Rondo. Take a minute to think about that. Now, think about what could be for this team if he even had just one teammate from Team USA with him for just one NBA season. Even in a crowded Western Conference with a lot of talent, it would immediately make them a serious playoff team, and we’d get to see some even more improved play from Cousins. He’s already made himself into a threat from all areas of the floor, so if you add some legit scoring threats around him, he can even turn into one of the best passing threats at the five spot. He could be an improved version of Marc Gasol and quite possible one of the most dominant big men we’ve seen since Shaq.

A happy Boogie, is a fun Boogie. So come on Kings Front Office, get him some help or let him flourish with a real team!


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