Chris Paul – The God of the Pick & Roll



Chris Paul is arguably the best point guard that we have in this league today. There’s not much he can’t do. A wizard handling the ball but a god when coming off of the pick and roll. Players have a hard time defending Paul because of all of his capabilities.

CP3 punishes players for attempting to go under the screen because he can knock down the outside jumper. He has a consistent jumper from the outside which he shot 39.8% beyond the arc this year. Paul is also deadly from mid range. He’s so smart as a player that however his opponent decides to defend him, he just takes what’s given. So when a defender drops too much, he can step inside the arc and knock down the pull-up jumper.

Let’s not forget about the passing! Whether its a lob or a bounce pass, threading the needle, Chris Paul’s passes are always on point. He has been top five in the league in assists for the past 9 seasons , in which 4 of those seasons he led the league. Ranked 16th on the all-time assists list which he is still climbing, Paul’s court vision is like no other. The Los Angeles Clippers donned the nickname, “Lob City” once Chris got there. He has made it a lot of fun to watch, coming off the screen and throwing the lob once the big’s defender commits. With the athleticism of Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, Paul can basically throw it anywhere in the air and they will go get it.

It’s truly amazing what Chris is capable of in the pick & roll. He can shoot the jumper, get to the basket, knock down a floater, or get the ball to the open man. It’s exciting to watch but young aspiring guards can learn a lot from how CP3 operates in those situations.

Here’s a quick clip of Chris Paul teaching the pick and roll. 


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