Blake Griffin Believes, "Home-Court Advantage is Just Not There For Us"


On Tuesday March 31, the Golden State Warriors went into the Staples Center and beat the Los Angeles Clippers 110-106. This was a great matchup in which it featured superstar match-ups. However judging from the fans at the Clippers game, you thought that the Warriors were at home for this game:

While there was a lot of cheering going on, if you listen closely you can hear the “MVP” chants for Curry as he was taking those free throws. This may seem like a small deal but for Blake Griffin, who recently came back from elbow surgery had this to say during a post game press conference:

Can you really blame Griffin for his frustration? I get it. Los Angeles has been Lakertown for a really long time and the Clippers were viewed as the joke of the city. Even now when the Clippers have been clearly better than the Lakers these past couple of seasons, people still say its Lakertown. Even if the Clippers come out of a tough Western Conference and make it to the Finals and win, I bet the people of Los Angeles would say either, “It’s still about the purple and gold” or even, “Lakers still have more rings.”

Then again, maybe Clippers fan were going crazy for Stephen Curry because he did this earlier in the night to Chris Paul.

The Warriors have the best record in the league right now sitting at 61-13 while the Clippers are holding their own with a 50-26 record sitting at the 5th seed. Maybe people are overthinking this whole home-court advantage scenario, but wouldn’t it be weird if Golden State matched up with Los Angeles in the playoffs? Stranger things have happened.



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