How good ball movement can impact a team


Ball movement is a huge factor when it comes to great offense.  The ball moves faster than the players do and when you have defenders chasing after it, they’re already beat. You can look at any great offense and you’ll see that they have unselfish players and great ball movement. When the ball doesn’t stick its a beautiful thing because it keeps players in motion and doesn’t allow the flow of the offense to become stagnant.

Here’s a quick compilation of how the NBA’s defending Champs shared the rock last season. 

You always hear the phrase “Give up a good shot, for a great shot” and that’s something every player should want to have in their head while they’re playing team basketball. To be a good team, you must have players that are unselfish that possess a “WE” mentality instead of “ME“. Ball movement is based off that concept because when you have players that are willing to make that extra pass for a great shot, then you know your offense is headed in the right direction.

Here’s a example from the Lakers’ preseason game against Maccabi Haifa. It starts with great ball movement, which leads to Lou Williams making the extra pass to Kobe for a open three in the corner.


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