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The Atlantic Files
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The NBA Playoffs are right around the corner and the race is heating up. So, in episode 81 of The Atlantic Files, it’s time to talk potential playoff matchups and specific qualities to watch for in each Atlantic team that could make the playoffs.

First of all, the Toronto Raptors have already clinched a playoff spot. They are in the number one spot by a comfortable margin, and all that’s left to do is stay afloat until the playoffs get here. When the playoffs do roll around, however, which version of the Raptors are we going to see? We have been treated to a brand new style of offense from this team. Maybe, this year, we’ll be treated to a great playoff run as well.

The Boston Celtics, like the Raptors, have also clinched a playoff spot. There’s a decent sized gap between each seed in front of them and behind them. The injury bug is coming around to bite quite hard though. Kyrie Irving and Marcus Smart have both had extended times on the bench, and with Gordon Hayward still out, that will prove to be huge if they can’t return to 100% come playoff time.

Finally, the last team in the Atlantic in the playoff race, the Philadelphia 76ers. They are arguably one of the most exciting teams in the league with the astounding young talent that has taken the floor. Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid look like they’re equipped to help this team win their first playoff series since the Sixers took down a Derrick Rose-less Chicago Bulls team in 2011-12. Will all of these turnovers hold them back from doing so, or will they find a way to fight through the growing pains?

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