The Atlantic Files Episode 111: Brooklyn Nets sneaking into the playoff picture

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Mike and Alex are back over the holiday stretch to talk some Brooklyn Nets basketball! The Nets hit a nice little winning streak and now they’re legitimately threatening to sneak into the playoff picture. Also, Kawhi Leonard seems to be liking Toronto more and more with the Drake pictures and Nick Nurse coming to his defense. Then, there’s the word “tampering” getting thrown around in regards to LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

D’Angelo Russell and Spencer Dinwiddie are the two main engines of this Nets emergence. There may be some underrated players that are helping push the train though. However, should the Nets try to get the eighth seed or should they just show some promise and still miss the playoffs to get the better pick?

Kawhi Leonard was seen with Drake and the proof was posted on Instagram. What does this mean for Toronto’s chances in retaining the superstar? He was also rumored to have dinner with someone in the Nets’ camp, so maybe he’s still thinking of joining Jay-Z instead?

Finally, some small market general managers have complained about LeBron James’ comments about Anthony Davis. They believe he should be fined for tampering, but almost nobody agrees with that. Mike and Alex laughed it off just like someone saying that TJ McConnell and Spencer Dinwiddie aren’t the greatest of all time.


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